Actor, Writer, Performer

James Fairley

About Me 

I have always loved telling stories. Whether they be short and witty one-liners, staged Shakespearean dramas, or feisty films I love it all. I have also been lucky to be involved in nearly every element of producing both stage and filmed productions: from writing and directing to stage hand and boom operator. From producing and editing to lighting and costume design.

This love of stories couples well with my love of history, I studied History at the University of Southampton and so any period pieces are of particular interest as they give me an excuse to research a new period of history. When I am not working, I enjoy writing scripts, playing hockey, and challenging myself as a performer to expand my skillset- whether this be through dance, singing, magic, music, or some other random new skill. I have since become a mixologist and love making tailored cocktails to peoples palate.