A Few References from People I have Worked With

“Not only did he work extremely hard at the role delivering an excellent performance but also attended every rehearsal regardless of whether or not he was called. Performing Shakespeare in the open air is no easy task and James managed to project his part both vocally and physically to a sizeable audience. James takes direction well but is no puppet actor, working to make the role his own he took shared responsibility for working with other people in any available spare moments when not onstage himself. He has a thoughtful, questioning approach which takes nothing for granted and was a pleasure work with.”

  • Fran Morely, Director “Twelfth Night”, Maskers Theatre Company

“Such a laugh during the whole process! His commitment to the show is amazing. Here’s to the next project!”

  • Ed Gill, Musical Director “Legally Blonde”, Showstoppers Musical Theatre Company

“James was a pleasure to work with, he was always enthusiastic, prompt and full of ideas and suggestions. He responds well to feedback and direction and incorporates suggestions into future rehearsals/shows.”

  • Ian Wilson, Director “100”, Maskers Theatre Company

“Such an amazing actor and overall helpful and kind man!”

  • Katie Staines, Producer “Legally Blonde”, Showstoppers Musical Theatre Company

“Awesome reader! Went above and beyond our time! Great feedback as well as reading through the character and helping me find a new perspective”

  • Brett Newton, ‘NCIS’ Audition-ee on WeAudition

"He listens well and can take and apply feedback.  James is reliable and conscientious.  He has great potential and I’m excited to see what he does next."

  • Sarah Russell, Director “Great Expectations”, Maskers Theatre Company